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Species of trees planted

About the Wallet

A "wallet" in the context of tree planting and restoration typically refers to a digital record or database that tracks and stores information about each planted tree.

This is a tree planting wallet created by KIJANI PAMOJA for their contracted work with One Tree Planted. It is a digital platform or database that contains detailed spatial data and information about the 60,000 trees they have planted as part of their restoration efforts. This wallet serves as a comprehensive record-keeping system, providing the following information for each tree:

  1. Tree Species:
    The specific species of tree that was planted. This helps in maintaining biodiversity and tracking the growth of different types of trees.
  2. Location Data:
    The precise geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) of where each tree was planted. This information is crucial for monitoring the trees growth and assessing their impact on the environment.
  3. Planting Date:
    The date on which each tree was planted. This allows for tracking the trees age and growth over time.
  4. Geotaged Images.
    Visual documentation in the form of geotagged photos.

This digital wallet serves as a valuable tool for transparency, accountability, and monitoring the success of the tree planting initiative, ensuring that KIJANI PAMOJA and One Tree Planted can track the progress and environmental impact of their restoration efforts.